KANOJO Bridal Booty Search (DVD-R)

Shinji's parents died in an accident years ago and he grew up in an orphanage. Years
later, he discovers that his father was the only son of a millionaire. Now, Shinji’s
grandfather offers him an inheritance to the entire family business and fortune. But
Shinji isn’t excited about taking on the responsibility of running a big company,
especially since he has his own plans and wants to marry his childhood sweetheart,
Sae. To make matters worse, his grandfather won’t take no for an answer but offers
Shinji an escape clause! Will Shinji stay true to his love while embarking on a twisted
sexual quest to gain ...Read More
freedom from his grandfather’s will? Absolutely Not For Children!
(Adult OVA/ 2 episodes/ 60 mins. total)

DVD title is manufactured on DVD-R discs and may not be compatible with older DVD players and/or gaming consoles.
Item# KVDVD-2324
Starring Anime
Studio Kitty Media
Date 9/26/2023 (Avaliable)
Play Time Apx. 60 Minutes


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Item#: KVDVD-2324 Media Type: DVD-R Region Code: All Picture Format: NTSC Picture Format: 16:9 Widescreen DVD Type: Single Layer Language: English, Japanese No. of Disc: 1 SubTitle: English




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