Kitty's Triple Header (**DVD-R Disc**)

KITTY’S TRIPLE HEADER contains three never-before-released OVAs dubbed in English that are guaranteed to tease and please! (3 Episodes/ 55 mins. total)

CONFESSIONS OF A SLUTTY WIFE (MESU SAGA: PERSONA) By all measures, Yumi appears to be the ideal wife. She’s beautiful, intelligent, gentle and caring. Unbeknownst to her husband, she harbors a dark, sordid secret and she increasingly fears that she will be caught in ‘the act!’ At the same time, Yumi enjoys the forbidden pleasures of her on-camera exploits so much that she ignores the possibility that her husband may harbor a dark secret as well! Absolutely Not For ...Read More

LOVE BITCH Sato discovers that beautiful Chisato is in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. When he witnesses the couple having sex in a public bathroom, Chisato gives him a pleading look for help. The boyfriend makes it clear to Sato that he will continue to publicly humiliate Chisato and there's nothing he can do to stop him. That night, Chisato’s boyfriend invites his rowdy friends over for a gangbang and live streams the orgy to Sato! Soon, Chisato breaks up with her boyfriend and runs to the open arms of Sato not suspecting that events are about to take a decidedly darker turn!

MANEATERS GANG: LAST ORDER (OKOTO KUI: LAST ORDER) Rina and Shiori are two tough ladies you don’t want to mess with. One night, they are out drinking at a karaoke bar when there is a disagreement over the bar tab with the club’s rude employees. That’s when the two ex-gang gals decide to turn the tables on the staff and
teach them a vulgar lesson. The two women submit the staff to a night of debauchery, depravity and humiliation that they’ll never forget!

DVD title is manufactured on DVD-R discs and may not be compatible with older DVD players and/or gaming consoles.
Item# KVDVD-2333
Starring Anime
Studio Kitty Media
Date 1/23/2024 (Avaliable)
Play Time Apx. 55 Min


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Item#: KVDVD-2333 Media Type: DVD-R Region Code: All Picture Format: NTSC Picture Format: 16:9 Widescreen DVD Type: Single Layer Language: English, Japanese No. of Disc: 1 SubTitle: English




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