A Forbidden Time Vol. 3 (No Cover Jacket)

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Yuki, a tutor whom the three college students, Ryo, Ri and Koji, have been continuing their banned relationship. Yamamoto asked Yuki out on a date. Ryo found this out the stated the following condition. That was to go out on the date with a vibe strapped in to her. Also, she must hold in her urge to come more than 3 times or else the condition will continue... The movie theater, the restaurant's restroom, and the ferris wheel at the amusement park? 3 college students continue with their scheme... Then, there's Yamamoto, who knows nothing of what's going on and only enjoys ...Read More
the time spent with Yuki. The vibe jammed up her secret spot, the bead vibe in her anal spot... and the taste of the college kids come in her mouth... Her love juice slowly dripping... Yuki tries hard to hold it in... If she doesn't hold it in now, it will only continue... But will she be able to withstand it...?
Item# JBani-008
Studio JBOXanime
Date 11/11/2007 (Avaliable)
Play Time Apx. 30 Min.


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Item#: JBani-008 Media Type: DVD Region Code: All Picture Format: NTSC Picture Format: 4:3 Standard TV DVD Type: Single Layer Language: Japanese No. of Disc: 1 SubTitle: English


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