KOKESHI Vol.8: Only My Pussy Lover

The most HARDcore title by KOKESHI Label. Lots of Blowjob, Lots of cum shoot in-side her mouth, sallow all cums and Pee on her face. Rated A++

#1[Opening-Onanism] Dance in front of the camera, showing off her sexy body, pure white skin and clean juice pussy with finger fuck. (00:20 - 11:25)

#2[Gachinko Fuck] She got to tie up & fuck while she was ing. She becomes so horny. Great blowjob technique, Hard fucking, cum in her mouth and eat cums. (11:30 - 37:39)

#3[Mouth Fuck] SM nasty play on the dinning table. Mouth fuck and she sallow all the cums. (37:45 - 53:20)

#4[ ...Read More
Suck] Nurse uniform with a group of guys playing on her body. Deep throat sucking with all guys. (53:30 - 01:11:35)

#5[Gasp Ecstasy] HARDcore fucking, she sallow all the men's cums one by one while fucking. She got pee on her face while she's fucking. (01:11:40 - 1:29:18)
Item# KS08
Starring Nishimura Ami
Date 3/19/2004 (Out of Stock)
Play Time Apx. 90 mins


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Item#: KS08 Media Type: DVD Region Code: All Picture Format: NTSC Picture Format: n/a DVD Type: Single Layer Language: Japanese No. of Disc: 0 SubTitle: N/A


Nishimura Ami


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